Da Lat by Night

Da Lat night market is really lovely. I’ve no more suitable word to express my feeling about this charming city. In Some ways it seems to be ancient but in other ways, it also offer the beauty of modern life. The night markets are colorful, jam packed with local produce, clothes, specialties like tea, coffee, sweet jam, and of course, local food.

Da Lat by night

Da Lat by night

If you want to join the intimate atmosphere with locals, you have many options to choose from. You can stop at a corner, try some hot sweet tofu with a little bit ginger added for flavor. Or you could pop by Tung Coffee shop to enjoy authentic Vietnamese coffee, yogurt drinks all while listening to the beautiful voice of singer Khanh Ly, as she croons to the famous ballads of musician Trinh Cong Son.

Leaving the bustling central life, take a ride along Xuan Huong street. The lake located on the edge of the city center is a popular attraction among young couples, families and tourist. However, bring something warm. Dalat is quite cool at night.


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