My Favourite Ride

I have to be honest that I have a strong bias for the Mekong Delta. Perhaps it’s my upbringing on the prairies and the love for flat, wide open spaces. Don’t get me wrong, mountain views can be stunning. But, long stretches of highway and quaint country villages really get me excited. One such ride was a trip I took to My Tho, Can Tho and Sa Dec.

The first stretch of the trip is not overly pleasurable as you have to ride the perilous number 1 highway into My Tho, but once you cross over the mammoth bridge leaving town the ride changes to a zen bliss.

Once you take a right after the bridge you find yourself on country tarmac that is about as straight and smooth as it gets. The air gets cleaner, the people get friendlier and trucks and buses virtually disappear. It’s one of those rare moments you can have a true motorbike adventure and wind it up. Perhaps I was pushing my luck doing 80kms but it felt good to open it up. There are very few occasions in Vietnam where you can really push your bike like that.

As we followed the road we enjoyed the heat of the summer afternoon, the friendly hellos of all the resident we passed by and of course the mandatory stops for Cafe Da. It’s really great to have riding partners when you are on the road to share the experience with or to bounce ideas off about where the trip might take you.

So after riding approximately 30 kms we get to the ferry crossing at Pha Tan Phu. Ferry stations are always entertaining to see and ubiquitous when riding in the Delta. Queueing up with the locals as they make their daily commutes, deliver goods, or perhaps off to visit family members. It’s always a beehive of activity and generally an expected step when making Vietnam motorcycle tours. I get a strange satisfaction of the attention I receive in these places. Everything from greeting smiles, to bewildered stares, and on occasion some shared food.

Crossing over the river you find yourself on, for lack of a better word, an island. It’s a strip of land sandwiched between two rivers and lined with plantations on either side of the highway. Again, really straight flat roads with virtually now traffic. Absolute paradise. Next stop, Pha Dinh Kao ferry crossing.

Once across you ride into Vinh Long at which point you can make the choice of going to Can Tho or Sa Dec. Can Tho is about an hour south west and Sa Dec about an hour north west. Either way you choose the country roads between Can Tho and Sa Dec are out of this world. Charming dirt roads that that follow small rivers and run through towns with markets that seem to be well over a hundred years old.

This is an off the beaten path for sure, so if you aren’t confident on a bike be a pillon passenger. Myrides will be more than happy to assist you. If you are comfortable riding a bike, get out on the road and enjoy. This is not a planned itinerary, but Myrides is more than willing to cater to your every needs. Hit the road Jack!!

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