Gian Gua relic site

In the little hamlet of Gian Gua, Phong Dien district of Can Tho city grows a tree of great significance. The Gua tree which reaches about 6 meters high with it’s roots and branches forming a matrix making it difficult to identify which ones are roots and which ones are branches. It’s estimated to be one hundred and fifty years old and covers three thousand square meters of the Ba temple compound. The tree was recognized as the National Heritage Tree in 2013.


Within the temple’s grounds stands a tiger statue where people come to worship. Primarily people come to worship and pay their respects to a woman of history that local people refer to as the ‘fairy lady’. The woman was known for her compassion and humanitarian efforts she provided people while she was alive, so people worship her in hope of good fortune. The people of Gian Gua extend great care to preserve the temple in her memory.


On the 28th of the second lunar month, a festival is held in honor og Ba Temple that draws people from all over the Delta. Like many other festivals food offerings, and the burning of various items are done to to honor the Fairy Lady and Ho Chi Minh.


When organizing you Vietnam motorcycle tour with, be sure to ask our staff about this temple and incorporate it into your customized itinerary. This is definitely a piece of history that should be experienced first hand.

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