Myrides Adenture Travel Co., LTD. is an adventure motorcycle tour company run by travel experts from the three regions of Vietnam. All of us have a dream of making an ‘off the beaten path’ experience for the more intrepid traveller. We are all passionate motorcycle enthusiasts.

This is not a city to city experience, this is truly an education in Vietnamese life and culture. Unlike the average tour, we take the “point A to B“ mentality of touring and throw it out the window. If you are up for a challenging experience, this is your tour!! We know things and places travel guide books and other websites can’t offer. We have the Vietnamese Peoples Network…better than GPS.

Imagine the smell of coconuts permeating the air, or the fresh mountain air of the Northern Highlands, freshly cooked morning fare in the markets lingering as you sip your Vietnamese coffee. The feeling of being on your time schedule to enjoy what you want to do. And of course, the feeling of being out on the open road!!

The products we offer can take you off into a world of rice fields, mountainous regions, coconut plantations, fish farms, rivers and canals, coastal roads and of course the Ho Chi Minh Trail. promises your self-planned itinerary is going to be a riding experience you will never forget.

Get on board with us. Hit the road Jack!

Mr Trinh Nguyen Hung Dung (Dustin)