Test Run to Can Gio

Perhaps you think that you are not ready for the motorcycle experience of riding in Vietnam, or you are just a little out of practice?  Well, maybe a good test ride for you might be the day trip to the Can Gio Mangrove forest located south east of Ho Chi Minh city.

Can gio Mangrove forest

Heading out from District 1 it’s about 45 minutes to an hour due south through District 4 and 7, make your way to the ferry crossing to Can Gio.  It’s a mix of buses, trucks and motorcycles, but tends to move quite slow.  It’s a great test run and learning ground for inexperienced drivers.  If it’s not for you, it’s equally enjoyable as a pillion passenger.  Stay in the far right lane, cruise down to the boat crossing and see the big city melt away as you venture into the rural edges of Saigon.

crab fishing

 Ferry crossings are a great part of the experience of travelling in Vietnam.  You share the ride with commuters, delivery driver’s and food sellers.  At this crossing you are not a rarity as many travellers make this crossing into the mangroves.  But travellers are still a point of interest for the locals and you may be fortunate enough to have personal interactions with fellow passengers or perhaps share some food.  Vietnamese people are incredibly generous.

Dong hoa village

 Along the way you will be rewarded for your efforts with boat tours of the mangrove forests, crocodile farms, crab fishing and swims in the seas.  Among my favourite activities when in the countryside is to visit rustic villages and old street markets.  The markets found in Can Gio and Dong Hoa village are fine examples of street markets that seem untouched by the modern world.  Markets such as these provide awesome cultural experiences and gorgeous photo opportunities.

Written by Glen Riley

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