Walking the Streets of Vietnam

For many travellers who first come to Vietnam, crossing the street is a perilous experience.  The constant stream of traffic and the random nature of driving style makes one’s head spin.  But fear not, there is a simple method to stay safe.

Firstly, contrary to common sense, try not to stop moving.  This is not to say dart out into traffic without thinking!  Step off the curb  as you see an opening and maintain the straightest path possible across the road way.  Motorcycles will drive around you unless you make sudden movements.  When it comes to taxi, cars and buses, give them the right of way as they tend not to slow down for pedestrians.

Secondly, mind your belongings.  As in many big cities petty theft exists.  Understand that most Vietnamese people do not enjoy the luxury of fare wages or consistent employment.  Your $300 dollar camera can go a long way to feed a family. Locals will constantly remind you to keep your items safe as you wander the streets. So take their advice and keep your personal items safe and secure ( cameras, purses, handbags, smart phones).  If you are in the habit of wearing jewelry and flashy handbags, leave them at home.  The less of a target you make yourself, the less chance you have of meeting misfortune.

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